Do You Have The ESSENCE Of A Leader?

True leaders, generally, possess several distinct features, tendencies, and attributes, which, the rest – of – the – pack, usually lack! Therefore, if we had a better way to identify, the individuals, with the best possibilities and chances, of making a significant, relevant, sustainable difference, for the better, organizations, and their stakeholders, would, most likely, benefit! Let’s refer to this concept, as the ESSENCE of a leader, or those items, which, differentiate between those with the best potential to lead effectively, and the pseudo – leaders. With that in mind, this article will attempt to identify, consider, review, and briefly discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents.1. Empathy; emphasis: While leadership trainers, can. emphasize the significance of proceed, with utmost genuine empathy, and even explain, why, only if the individual is prepared, willing and able, to listen, far more than he speaks, and to learn from every conversation and experience, to gain insight into the perceptions, goals and priorities, of their stakeholders, will he probably, become a quality leader! This genuine empathy will direct the individual, how to best place his greatest emphasis, in order to get the best possible results.

2. Service; system: A true leader realizes he is there, to provide quality service, which represents the best interests of those he represents, as well as the organization! To achieve this, one must develop a well – considered, focused system, and proceed accordingly.3. Strengthen; sustainable solutions: The goal and objective of a real leader, must be, to strengthen the group and constituents, and leave it stronger and more relevant and sustainable, when he leaves office, than when he began! This requires a willingness and ability to avoid blaming and complaining, or mere populism, but rather, to create the best possible, sustainable solutions!4. Energy; endurance: When someone is willing, and able, to energize others, and possesses a level of energy, which provides him with the endurance to persist, while others give – up, he begins being a true leader!

5. Needs: Begin your quest with prioritizing the goals, priorities and needs of those you represent, and the organization, you serve, if you wish to have the essence of a leader!6. Character; creative; clever: The quality of one’s character, is the greatest difference between a true leader, and others! One must be able to pursue creative approaches and plans, and clever, enough, to proceed, accordingly!7. Excellence: Genuine leadership requires a pursuit of the utmost degree of personal excellence, never settling for good – enough!Do you have this ESSENCE of a leader? Will you be one of the few, rare, meaningful leaders, or merely, another, of the rest – of – the – pack?